Employee Performance Reviews – Simple & Easy

By Teresa Lancaster on October 4, 2018

Simple & Easy – The two words that our clients use most often, when describing Threads.  Which is why, when asked “How do you create/conduct a good performance review?” we thought it would be helpful to share our simple & easy  best practice for constructing and delivering a performance review……Communicate the Truth Regularly.


Communicate (give feedback)

Threads is designed to easily capture 360 feedback throughout your organization, on a consistent basis.  Incoming feedback is readily accessible, with our insightful weekly digest email and new feedback platform, offering quick filtering and employee stats.  


Make feedback a priority for yourself and your team.  Creating a set frequency to capture feedback for yourself and others will give you the information and support needed when looking to recognize, coach and/or hold yourself or others accountable.


Don’t make capturing or acting on feedback a priority.  Don’t review incoming feedback and don’t read your weekly digest email.  Do not consistently recognize, coach or hold yourself or others accountable.  Just sit back and relish in the fact that you not modeling it, means you won’t have to expect it!


The Truth (accurate scores)

Gone are the days of the “gut check” scoring.  With a rating scale developed to support your culture alignment.  Threads provides the tool that removes all the guess work.


Take all feedback and tangibles into account to score accurately and consistently.

A good rule of thumb – regardless of rating scale definitions:

1-3 – expecting changes or improvements

4 – training or lack of experience

5-10 – you are perfectly fine with results being repeated


Don’t score accurately or consistently.  Score lower than required because of your grudge or personal mindset.  Score higher by measuring potential, instead of actual results. Last, but not least, judge your employee(s) on the last few encounters you’ve had with them – just as they do, regarding the effectiveness of your leadership!


Regularly (on-time reviews)

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to your review.  Raise your hand if you would be fine with payroll not going out because someone’s schedule was just “too busy” and they hadn’t received it yet.  Your internal expectation of the payroll clerk getting your check cut on time, is no different or less important than your employees wanting their review.


Plan ahead.  Allow yourself time to construct a thorough and accurate review that is reflective of the employee’s performance & cultural alignment during the review period.\


Don’t make employee reviews a priority.  Convince yourself that your employee(s) will be accepting of your tardiness, just as you are when they consistently show up late for work….


That’s it – pretty simple and easy!

Have questions?  Contact us at support@threadsculture.com.