Improve Your Organizational Culture with the Threads
Culture Guide

When we speak to groups of executives, business owners or HR managers, our most popular presentation is based on the Threads Organizational Culture Guide.  The first half of the Culture Guide walks a leader through how to define and improve organizational culture.

The second half of the Culture Guide shows a leader how to create their own unique plan to move their culture forward.  Often the executives who attend the presentation take multiple copies so they can repeat the exercise with the rest of their management staff.

For executive coaching, the Culture Guide is a good place to start when you are discussing business issues with your clients or managers.  We have found that the issues executives have identified are usually symptoms of a culture problem.  The Threads Culture Guide will quickly get to the root of an issue.

We are posting the Threads Culture Guide here so it’s easy for you to download and use with your team or your clients.   You can download the COMPLETE guide here.  If you haven’t had a chance to see this presentation in person, here is a quick summary of the process:

Define Organizational Culture
There’s a lot of noise out there from academics and hucksters who make their living from studying the “mystery” of organizational culture.  It’s not complicated!  The Threads Culture Guide will walk you through how to define your culture using your core values and the contributions of your team members.


Identify How You Improve Culture
Improving organizational culture doesn’t cost money because culture can never be bought.  You don’t need trust falls, management retreats and team building games.  You don’t have to offer lavish benefits and build tree houses in your office.  The Threads Culture Guide will identify the steps you can take today as a leader to earn a great culture.


Graph Your Organizational Culture
The Threads Culture Guide shows you how to graph and identify the strength of your culture.  We recommend that individual managers use the Threads Culture Graph to give you additional insight in to the departments within your organization.


Plan to Improve Your Organizational Culture
The Threads Culture Guide then focuses on helping leaders identify specific individuals who are either damaging  or making positive contributions to your culture.  You will come up with a plan to better communicate, reward and improve accountability to your organizational culture.


Have Questions?
During our presentation on the Culture Guide we spend the most time on helping executives communicate culture with specific individuals in their companies.  We add the most common discussions to our blogs: Coaching Tips and Tips to Improve Culture.

If you have questions after going through the Threads Culture Guide, feel free to contact us at any time.

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