Review Results / Something Doesn’t Add Up

By Teresa Lancaster on May 15, 2018

Have you ever found yourself feeling puzzled with someone’s graph placement, once you complete their review? Here are some things to consider, to ensure you are providing a true reflection on an employee’s performance and overall alignment to your culture.

Employee Performance Reviews – Simple & Easy

By Teresa Lancaster on October 4, 2017

Simple & Easy – The two words that our clients use most often, when describing Threads.  Which is why, when asked “How do you create/conduct a good performance review?” we thought it would be helpful to share our simple & easy  best practice for constructing and delivering a performance review

VIDEO: Green to Yellow: The Promotion

By Sean Abbas on July 22, 2014

Promoting someone is a great feeling and one of the rewarding things we get to do as managers.  We congratulate the person on a job well done and offer them a bump up from their current position in many exciting ways.

VIDEO: Green to Red: Troubles at Home

By Sean Abbas on April 21, 2014

Anyone who manages human beings will run in to a situation like this at some point.  There are many reasons someone can be disengaged at work – passed over for a promotion, not challenged in their job, outside of work issues, etc.  If a person has:

Executive Coaching: How to Manage the Culture Warrior

By Sean Abbas on August 2, 2013

Ah, the Culture Warrior…  A person who exists in almost every organization in America and as a topic in many executive coaching sessions.  Most executives and executive coaches struggle with how to manage the Culture Warrior because they are usually a person who has been with you a long time.