Increase Your Clients' Satisfaction with Threads

Becoming a member of the Threads Partner Program gives you access to unique advantages that will differentiate and grow your firm.

5 Star Rated Software

Threads Partners offer their clients software that’s easy to use and that their clients will love.

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Capterra G2 Crowd
5 Star Rated Training

Partners can supplement their training offerings with training in core values, culture, performance management, feedback and employee engagement.

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G2 Crowd
Connect with Your Clients
Threads’ focus on core values will help you connect with and understand your clients on a deeper level beyond the administrative aspects of HR.
Contribute to Your Clients’ Success
With Threads, Partners are able to identify the highest impact areas that will help each of their clients create strong teams and organizational growth.
Grow Your Firm
Threads Coaches will support your firm by jointly hosting webinars or in-person speaking events for your clients and prospects.