Welcome to the Threads HR Training Series

By Sean Abbas on July 26, 2013

What is the #1 thing that CEO’s and business owners want from their HR Manager?  As we help companies install the Threads software, we hear the same answer almost every time:

“I want my human resources manager to be more strategic and focused on culture.  Our HR staff could be providing way more value to our organization if they weren’t bogged down in the administrative details of their jobs.”

In response, the Threads HR Training Series will be focused on helping HR Managers increase their value by making strategic contributions to their organizations and their cultures.  Our HR blog topics on culture will include:

  • Building Your HR Foundation on Culture
  • Communicating Culture
  • Communicating Core Values
  • Interviewing for Culture Fit
  • Culture in Your On-boarding Process
  • Moving from “Pay for Performance” to “Pay for Culture”
  • Using Culture to Reduce Employee Turnover
  • How to Terminate an Employee That’s Damaging Culture
  • Communicating with an Insubordinate Employee
  • Rewarding Positive Contributions to Culture
  • Teambuilding that Builds Culture

HR Managers are telling us the same thing.

What’s interesting is that every HR Manager we talk to wants to be focused on building their organization’s culture as well.  We have yet to hear someone in HR say, “I got in to human resources because I wanted to administer a bunch of bureaucratic policies and procedures.”  In fact, most HR professionals tell us that they originally got in to human resources because they wanted to help people grow in their careers and to contribute to great cultures at work.

Therein lies the problem.  You don’t have time to focus on building a great culture and helping people grow in their careers when you are too busy administering policies, procedures and bureaucracy.

To help HR Managers create time to focus on culture, the Threads HR Training Series is also going to cover the best practices other HR managers have used to simplify their lives and reduce the bureaucracy that gets in the way.  Our HR blog topics on making time for culture will include:

  • Dealing with Problems Directly
  • Reducing Complexity
  • Giving Managers the Keys
  • Starting with No
  • Designing for the 80%
  • Dropping Self Reviews and 360 Degree Feedback
  • The Yellow Box Employees

HR Building Culture.

The ultimate goal of the  Threads HR Training Series is to help you add real value to your organization by building your culture.  As you simplify and reapply your energy towards building culture and helping people, we hope you rediscover the reasons you got in to human resources in the first place.

If you have topics or questions you want covered, drop us a line and we will cover them in a future post