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VIDEO: Green to Yellow: The Promotion

By Sean Abbas on July 22, 2014

Promoting someone is a great feeling and one of the rewarding things we get to do as managers.  We congratulate the person on a job well done and offer them a bump up from their current position in many exciting ways.

VIDEO: Green to Red: Troubles at Home

By Sean Abbas on April 21, 2014

Anyone who manages human beings will run in to a situation like this at some point.  There are many reasons someone can be disengaged at work – passed over for a promotion, not challenged in their job, outside of work issues, etc.  If a person has:

Executive Coaching: How to Manage the Culture Warrior

By Sean Abbas on August 2, 2013

Ah, the Culture Warrior…  A person who exists in almost every organization in America and as a topic in many executive coaching sessions.  Most executives and executive coaches struggle with how to manage the Culture Warrior because they are usually a person who has been with you a long time.