We are often asked by company leaders and customers for a core values list to help them choose their core values.  The Threads core values list is shown below.  While our list of core values can be valuable, the best method for selecting your company’s core values is outlined in our blog post for How To Create Your Own Core Values List.

Here are 500 basic examples of core values in an alphabetical list format.

You can also download the core values list in the Excel file format by clicking on the button below.  The Excel version of the core values list includes the alphabetical list and has an additional tab grouping similar values in to 32 categories.

Download the Excel Version of the Threads Core Values List

Core Values List:

Above and Beyond Dependability Individuality Reason
Acceptance Depth Industry Recognition
Accessibility Determination Informal Recreation
Accomplishment Determined Innovation Refined
Accountability Development Innovative Reflection
Accuracy Devotion Inquisitive Relationships
Accurate Devout Insight Relaxation
Achievement Different Insightful Reliability
Activity Differentiation Inspiration Reliable
Adaptability Dignity Integrity Resilience
Adventure Diligence Intelligence Resolute
Adventurous Direct Intensity Resolution
Affection Directness International Resolve
Affective Discipline Intuition Resourceful
Aggressive Discovery Intuitive Resourcefulness
Agility Discretion Invention Respect
Aggressiveness Diversity Investing Respect for Others
Alert Dominance Investment Respect for the Individual
Alertness Down-to-Earth Inviting Responsibility
Altruism Dreaming Irreverence Responsiveness
Ambition Drive Irreverent Rest
Amusement Duty Joy Restraint
Anti-Bureaucratic Eagerness Justice Results
Anticipate Ease of Use Kindness Results-Oriented
Anticipation Economy Knowledge Reverence
Anti-Corporate Education Leadership Rigor
Appreciation Effective Learning Risk
Approachability Effectiveness Legal Risk Taking
Approachable Efficiency Level-Headed Rule of Law
Assertive Efficient Liberty Sacrifice
Assertiveness Elegance Listening Safety
Attention to Detail Empathy Lively Sanitary
Attentive Employees Local Satisfaction
Attentiveness Empower Logic Security
Availability Empowering Longevity Self Awareness
Available Encouragement Love Self Motivation
Awareness Endurance Loyalty Self Responsibility
Balance Energy Mastery Self-Control
Beauty Engagement Maturity Self-Directed
Being the Best Enjoyment Maximizing Selfless
Belonging Entertainment Maximum Utilization Self-Reliance
Best Enthusiasm Meaning Sense of Humor
Best People Entrepreneurship Meekness Sensitivity
Bold Environment Mellow Serenity
Boldness Equality Members Serious
Bravery Equitable Merit Service
Brilliance Ethical Meritocracy Shared Prosperity
Brilliant Exceed Expectations Meticulous Sharing
Calm Excellence Mindful Shrewd
Calmness Excitement Moderation Significance
Candor Exciting Modesty Silence
Capability Exhilarating Motivation Silliness
Capable Exuberance Mystery Simplicity
Careful Experience Neatness Sincerity
Carefulness Expertise Nerve Skill
Caring Exploration No Bureaucracy Skillfulness
Certainty Explore Obedience Smart
Challenge Expressive Open Solitude
Change Extrovert Open-Minded Speed
Character Fairness Openness Spirit
Charity Faith Optimism Spirituality
Cheerful Faithfulness Order Spontaneous
Citizenship Family Organization Stability
Clean Family Atmosphere Original Standardization
Cleanliness Famous Originality Status
Clear Fashion Outrageous Stealth
Clear-Minded Fast Partnership Stewardship
Clever Fearless Passion Strength
Clients Ferocious Patience Structure
Collaboration Fidelity Patient-Centered Succeed
Comfort Fierce Patient-Focused Success
Commitment Firm Patients Support
Common Sense Fitness Patient-Satisfaction Surprise
Communication Flair Patriotism Sustainability
Community Flexibility Peace Sympathy
Compassion Flexible People Synergy
Competence Fluency Perception Systemization
Competency Focus Perceptive Talent
Competition Focus on Future Perfection Teamwork
Competitive Foresight Performance Temperance
Completion Formal Perseverance Thankful
Composure Fortitude Persistence Thorough
Comprehensive Freedom Personal Development Thoughtful
Concentration Fresh Personal Growth Timeliness
Concern for Others Fresh Ideas Persuasive Timely
Confidence Friendly Philanthropy Tolerance
Confidential Friendship Play Tough
Confidentiality Frugality Playfulness Toughness
Conformity Fun Pleasantness Traditional
Connection Generosity Poise Training
Consciousness Genius Polish Tranquility
Consistency Giving Popularity Transparency
Content Global Positive Trust
Contentment Goodness Potency Trustworthy
Continuity Goodwill Potential Truth
Continuous Improvement Gratitude Power Understanding
Contribution Great Powerful Unflappable
Control Greatness Practical Unique
Conviction Growth Pragmatic Uniqueness
Cooperation Guidance Precise Unity
Coordination Happiness Precision Universal
Cordiality Hard Work Prepared Useful
Correct Harmony Preservation Utility
Courage Health Pride Valor
Courtesy Heart Privacy Value
Craftiness Helpful Proactive Value Creation
Craftsmanship Heroism Proactively Variety
Creation History Productivity Victorious
Creative Holiness Profane Victory
Creativity Honesty Professionalism Vigor
Credibility Honor Profitability Virtue
Cunning Hope Profits Vision
Curiosity Hopeful Progress Vital
Customer Focus Hospitality Prosperity Vitality
Customer Satisfaction Humble Prudence Warmth
Customer Service Humility Punctuality Watchful
Customers Humor Purity Watchfulness
Daring Hygiene Pursue Wealth
Decency Imagination Pursuit Welcoming
Decisive Impact Quality Willfulness
Decisiveness Impartial Quality of Work Winning
Dedication Impious Rational Wisdom
Delight Improvement Real Wonder
Democratic Independence Realistic Worldwide
Work/Life Balance