Threads Software Updates: Weekly Digest Emails

By Mary Ann Colston on March 16, 2015

During Q1 2015 we added weekly digest emails for Manager and Admin users that summarize all feedback left inside of Threads during the previous week.

The weekly digest emails are delivered every Friday morning, so each Manager stays up-to-date with their team and Admin users get a snapshot of what’s happening inside the entire organization.


How do the Weekly Digest Emails work in Threads?

The emails are sent automatically according to each user’s permission level, their position on the org chart and the feedback left during the week.  Permissions levels on the digest emails for all user types will match your existing Comments Permission settings.



Here is a summary by permission level:

  • Employee Users.  People classified as “Employees” inside of Threads will not receive weekly digest emails.  Employee users can only view the feedback they leave in Threads and are already aware of anything that could show up on a digest email.
  • Manager Users.  People classified as “Managers” inside of Threads will receive weekly digest emails showing all feedback for everyone below them on the org chart.  For Managers with multiple levels of people under them, feedback on direct reports is listed first, followed by feedback on others further down on the org chart.
  • Admin Users.  People classified as “Admin” or “HR” users inside of Threads will receive weekly digest emails showing all feedback for everyone in the organization.


How Are Managers Using the Weekly Digest Emails?

The weekly digest emails give each Manager and Admin user an opportunity to strengthen the culture of your organization.  Each comment relates to the core values or results and as you acknowledge these things with your team, you will reinforce the components that make up your culture.


The example in the screenshot above is something important that may have been missed or forgotten.  Now you can take the opportunity to acknowledge the impact in person when it happens (“I saw you took some extra time to do that.  That’s huge for the company because it allows us to stretch the marketing budget and attend an additional trade show this year.  Thank you.”).



Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on using the Weekly Digest Emails in Threads.