Threads Software Updates: Review & Interview PDF’s

By Mary Ann Colston on July 10, 2014

During Q2 2014 we converted all the review and interview forms in Threads to PDF’s.  This will standardize the formatting across all printer/browser combinations.  We also added auto-save to the review forms.

Culture Review PDF’s

Here is a screenshot of page 1 of the updated review forms.  The layout is similar to before.  One thing to note:  The review forms may be slightly longer if you are printing them.  This is to standardize the page breaks for the main sections of the form.


Culture Interview PDF’s

Here is a screenshot of page 1 of the updated interview forms.  The layout has changed slightly.  The main difference is that the Hiring Recommendation section has been moved to page 1 just below the candidate’s overall scores.


Auto-Save when Completing Reviews

We added auto-saving to all screens where you score review forms.  If you get timed out and miss the inactivity notice when filling out a review, Threads will hit the save button before logging you out.



Let us know if you have any questions on the new review and interview forms or if you want to schedule a web demo to walk through the changes.