Threads Software Updates: Job Descriptions

By Mary Ann Colston on November 19, 2014

During Q4 2014 we released a complete update to the job descriptions functionality in Threads.  These new features will help you better format and customize each job title.   Now Admin users have access to:

  1. Editing options for text (bold, bullets, numbers, etc.)
  2. Copying only sections of existing jobs
  3. Review criteria categories can be broken in to multiple components
  4. Separate tabs for each grouping of rating criteria or events

Unless you make/save new changes to the job descriptions screens, all criteria for each job title will still flow through to your reviews and interviews exactly as they did prior to the update.


1. Editing Options for Text

Text editing options include BoldItalic, Underline, Bullets and Numbers.

  • Summary Box.  Everything in the Summary box appears as the first section of the job description.  Common user edits here include a summary sentence, reports to, exempt status, etc.
  • Job Requirements Box.  Everything under the Job Requirements box shows up as the last section of the job description.  Common user edits here include, legal language, education requirements, physical requirements, signature block, etc.

2. Copying Features for Existing Jobs

Previously, an Admin user could only copy an entire existing job.  Now, when an Admin user clicks the Copy Existing Job button, they have the option to only select certain sections to copy over – Overview, Results Criteria, Interview Criteria or Interview Events.


3. Review / Interview Criteria Components

Previously, an Admin user could only add one scored component for each results category.  Now, Admin users have the ability to add multiple components to each category.  The manager would score each individual component separately.


4. Separate Tabs for Each Category Group

The Results Criteria, Interview Criteria and Interview Events are now shown on separate tabs for faster editing.  This update also creates space for future additions to the software (ex – training tracking).



Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on the updated job descriptions in Threads.