Threads Software Updates: Choosing High/Low Scores

By Mary Ann Colston on May 19, 2015

During Q2 2015 we added the functionality so Managers can choose between the Employee’s 3 highest and 3 lowest scores on reviews.

The 3 highest and 3 lowest scores appear on the first page of the review documents.  In the event of a tie between scores, Managers can select the most important items they want to highlight and comment on for the Employee.


How do I choose the scores I want to highlight?

If there is a tie in the 3 highest and 3 lowest scores after scoring the review, you will see a message that says, “There’s a tie! Select the high (low) score you want to highlight on the review.”


To choose between the tie scores, click on the drop down box and select the score(s) you want to use.  Scores that are already selected appear faded and are not available on the drop down list.



What happens if a Manager or Admin rescores a review?

If a Manager or Admin user changes any of the Employee’s scores a new message will appear that says, “Changes you made above affected the 3 Highest (Lowest) Scores.  Check to make sure your comments still match.”  This will alert you to changes in the highest and/or lowest scores, so you can make sure your review text matches your selections.




Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on the new options for choosing the 3 Highest / Lowest Scores on Threads Reviews.