New Features: Review List Enhancements

By Mary Ann Colston on February 11, 2017

The Threads product team is excited to announce a new feature and some updates to the review list. These will be available beginning Monday February 13th.

Mass Editing to Reviews

For admin level users, you can now make changes to multiple reviews at once.

On the review list, reviews can now be edited in bulk! The following fields can be edited for reviews: review date, review title, next review date, next review title.


Here is an article on how to perform mass edits: Mass Editing Reviews / Bulk Edits

*If you do not have the review list available under the list icon, please email us at


Indirect Report’s Reviews Now Accessible on the Review List

Managers can now see their indirect reports reviews on the review list under the list icon.

Prior to this, managers could only view the reviews they were personally responsible for on the review list, and in order to see their indirect report’s reviews, they would have to go to that employee’s profile to see their reviews. A manager can easily see just the reviews they are responsible for by clicking on the “show filters” link, and selecting themselves within the manager filter.


Here is a manager level help article about viewing reviews: How To View All Reviews


Review Exporting Options (Including Comments)


Admins and managers now have access to more exporting options on the review list. Here’s an article that shows how the new customized CSV option and a new PDF export option work: Exporting Review Data / Comments / Scores