New Admin View of Personnel Docs & A Mobile Friendly Log In

By Mary Ann Colston on September 15, 2018

The Threads Product team is happy to announce two new updates!

First, we have added a new view for admins, managers and employees. This new view gives admins the ability to see all of their user’s personnel documents in one list view! The permissions around the visibility of personnel documents have NOT CHANGED. Managers will only see all of their direct and indirect employee’s docs as they could previously. And employees will just see their own as they could previously.


You can access this new list by clicking on “Documents” and then “Personnel Docs”.

Personnel Doc Main Nav

You can also export a list of documents that include document title, upload date, effective date and expiration date.

Personnel Doc Sort Bar

Second, when logging into your threads account via a mobile device, users will now experience a more mobile friendly log in form.


To learn more, visit our help center article: Personnel Docs
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