• Reviews
  • Self & 360 Feedback
  • Org Chart
  • Job Descriptions
  • Hiring & Applicants
  • Reports & Reminders
Tools for building work culture

Threads’ features are designed to promote culture-based communication and decision making at all levels of your organization.


Review employees based on how they contribute to your culture.

Set customized review metrics around your core values and the key performance objectives for each job title. Both positive job results and alignment with core values are required to be successful.

Self & 360 Feedback

Efficiently collect self, peer and 360 feedback throughout the year.

Customize automated reminder messages for your team to leave feedback in Threads. Weekly feedback digest emails organize and summarize relevant feedback for Managers/HR.

Organization Chart

Keep your org charts and career paths up-to-date for your team.

Drag and drop functionality allows you to easily add new employees and change your organizational structure. User permissions and responsibilities will update for you automatically.

“When we do our reviews, we are making sure people fit with our culture.”

- Mike Woods, Advanced Heat Treat

Job Descriptions

Build your job descriptions to clearly describe your culture.

Use the Threads knowledgebase to develop job descriptions that include both performance and core values responsibilities for each employee or job title.

Hiring & Applicants

Find and hire people that fit your organizational culture.

Track applicants and rate candidates based on their ability to do the job and how they match with the core values of your organization. Hire the candidates who are the best cultural fit.

Reports & Reminders

Automate your review process and use reporting to gain insights in to your culture.

Threads will automatically send reminders throughout the review and hiring processes. Use comparisons and reporting to view each individual’s or group’s impact on your culture.